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Emergency Nurse's Day

October 12th is Emergency Nurse’s Day.  Today is a great time to say “thank you” to the emergency nurses for their hard work, dedication, service, tireless efforts, and commitment to their patients and families. 

ER nurses work diligently to address the fear and the unknown that patients experience, through quick decision making while keeping safety in mind.  More specifically, in pediatric emergencies, ER nurses focus on providing parents with a feeling of relief through their caring nature.  As a result, parents can rest assured knowing that their young child is in good hands.

In an accident or medical emergency ER nurses are the first faces a patient sees.  They work to put patients at ease, and to eliminate any pain or discomfort.  Each day, these nurses play a crucial role in making sure that emergency departments run smoothly.

Do you know any ER nurses?  Make sure you go out of your way to recognize them today.  


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